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Commercial Trash Cans and Garbage Receptacles

Here you will find suppliers of all types of commercial trash cans, trash receptacles in the size, shape and utility needed for your business or institution. With such a wide variety of choices and manufactures, you’re sure to find the right receptacle of the highest quality at the most economical price.  Our products cover the needs of households, apartment complexes, and municipalities, commercial and industrial sites.Just like making any purchase you want to be certain you cover your basic needs. The area where you want people to deposit waste should have as the centerpiece your trash receptacle, yet blend with the surroundings.

The waste receptacle should be functional to accommodate the size and amount of garbage you expect and the frequency of collection.  Statistically, 30 to 50 gallon trash cans meet the need in most public places.Commercial Trash Cans:  Commercial trash cans are constructed of steel, fiberglass, aluminum and concrete materials. They are waterproof, fireproof, weatherproof, and animal resistant.  The outdoor varieties you find in park and camp ground settings are toughened even more to withstand harsh weather conditions. The most popular trash can unit in this category Eagle One – 22 Gal. “Pull Top” Trash Receptacle.Visit here checkout some of the best trash cans to buy online.

It is designed for low maintenance and is suitable for residential and commercial use.  It has a separated internal container for easy dumping.  You simply lift off the top. It’s offered in black, cedar, driftwood, white and green finishes.  Restaurant Trash Cans: Restaurant trash cans serve many purposes.  Some are for kitchen use; others may be situated on the restaurant floor visible to customers.  These situations require a trash can station. The typical restaurant trash is usually made of wood with a laminated wood grain coating for aesthetic purposes.  Its features a flap door on the front and a larger door for access to the trash can.